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Who’s behind Line Break? Me, Spenser Smith. When I’m not frying halloumi before a Netflix binge or birdwatching in the temperate rainforest I call home (Google “baby barred owl”—that’s my definition of cute), I teach people how to write their best poetry. My background: I've studied creative writing at the undergraduate and graduate levels, worked as a poetry editor, published poems in Canada’s top literary magazines, and won several awards in the process.
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Before I published poems in these publications...

An image containing three literary magazines: Prairie Fire, The Malahat Review, and Poetry Is Dead.

And edited these...

An image containing two literary magazines: Portal 2017 and Portal 2016.

I was just a kid who loved poetry.

Here's one of my first poems:

Why? Why is there a world? Why is there animals? Why is there people? WHY THERE ANY THING


To this day, I still don't know. But I do know why you should learn with Line Break:

  • A curriculum focused on practical poetry techniques and how to apply them.

  • Courses that offer a hands-on approach to learning, emphasizing the writing of poetry with extensive and supportive feedback from me.

  • Courses that offer one-on-one instruction and support. Unclear about a technique or concept from a video lesson? Send me a direct message or email (I'm always happy to help!)

More about Spenser

I've published poems in The Malahat Review, Prairie Fire, Poetry Is Dead, Contemporary Verse 2, The Puritan, and The Maynard. (I've also published a bunch of embarrassing poems on DeviantArt as a teen—please don't search for them!)

In 2019, I completed a BA in creative writing and journalism at Vancouver Island University. I'm currently finishing an MFA in creative writing at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Some people think my poetry is pretty cool: I've won the Blodwyn Memorial Prize, the Kevin Roberts Poetry Award, the Pat Bevan Poetry Scholarship, and the Mary Garland Prize for Lyric Poetry.

I was a poetry editor of Portal 2016 and the managing editor of Portal 2017. Right now, I'm a poetry reviewer for Prairie Fire and a member of PRISM international's poetry editorial board.

At UBC, I'm a teaching assistant in the undergraduate creative writing program. I provided writing feedback to over 150 students last term!

With the assistance of a $17,500 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council scholarship, I'm working on my first book-length poetry manuscript (which I plan to dedicate to my amazing grandma).